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Annette Counseling MA LPC CAADC

I am a clinical therapist, an addiction therapist (currently working with a developmental plan with the State of Michigan towards the CAADC), a crisis therapist, a mother of four and most importantly a Kalkaska Village resident. I moved to Kalkaska three years ago and purchased a home. I moved to the village to have a small town feel, to feel the comforts of home and to give my children a place that was small and cozy, yet still had things to offer. I wanted to open a private practice in Kalkaska to strengthen my passion for growth and change. I’m interested in helping the village grow into a place people want to stop and visit on their way through, or a place to bring their family on a Sunday drive for lunch. I want the members of the community to feel safe and proud to call Kalkaska home,  and to have a happy balance mentally, physically and spirituality.